All about Tudung

"Be like a Shade (Hat /Cover), because although it is simple and already worn-out, a Shade will remain cover and perch on our head" (deceased. Darmo Putro, 1917 - 1986).

That is the philosophy of founders in regard to meaning of Tudung word, which is further used as the name of a company, PT Tudung Putra Putri Jaya duly incorporated on January 16, 2006.

Corporate Logo of Tudung Group

Logograph of Tudung consists of 3 elements:

  1. Tudung, namely part of yellow-colored graphic. This symbol reflects philosophy of Tudung instilled by founders.
  2. People, namely white colored part, reflecting "people" as human capital to Tudung Group.
  3. Tree, symbolized by leaf representing natural element, reflecting a company which keeps growing and sustainable, and bring benefit to society.

Use of lowercase in logo is reflecting a company which is friendly and approachable to wide society, trust and give each other with its stakeholders.

Philosophy of color in corporate logo.