To become a company with character is the path that Tudung Group has chosen to ensure its sustainable & profitable growth of business. To the company, a continues evaluation linked to the recognition of employee's performance cover also value, and not just the attainment of business target.
Noble work for people has been carried out with a holistic approach of human being. As a place where noble work has been undertaken, Tudung Group has profound and genuine concern for people. As such, it is a place beyond just making a living; it is where piety and competent people can actualize their potentials. As such, it becomes the seedbed for cultivating future leaders.
Human Capital development program is executed to respond to the needs and to anticipate Tudung Group business growth, which will continue growing significantly in the future. A challenging career is reflected in our gradual and continues leadership development programs that have been conducted regularly. This organization, which is committed to respect human being as a whole, believes that every person has unique talent and chance. When this is positively actualized, the person can drive the company to make significant progress.

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