Global Coverage

Tudung Group recognize the market potential for its product and thus encouraged to expand its overseas operations. Therefore, Tudung Group established International Operations Diviion (IOD) in 2006.

The company first step in becoming a global player was initiated by acquiring 61% shares of Fujian Jinjiang Yonghe Fuhua Ltd., a chocolate and candy factory in Fujian, China. Beside securing supply and bringing production facility closer to the market, this step also marked the seriousness of Tudung Group in entering the global market. Tudung Group considers this acquisition as the beginning of our expansion in China and Asia. The Fuhua's extensive distribution channels in Asia will be of great benefit to Tudung Group.

At present, our product such Kacang Garuda, biscuit Gery, and Okky Jelly are sold in more than 20 countries all over the world.