Tudung Group is an investment holding company duly incorporated in Jakarta-Indonesia in 2006. As a newly incorporated holding company, Tudung Group has subsidiaries already existing for elevens of year, the two largest among them are GarudaFood Group and SNS Group.

As a subsidiary of Tudung Group, GarudaFood, is operating in food and beverage industry, it has 12 plants located in Java, Sumatera, Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi islands producing high-quality food and beverage using the best raw materials and taking priority to safety and healthy food principle. Various products are produced and already marketed by subsidiary of Tudung Group. Products already well-known and becoming market leader are among others Kacang Garuda, Gery (biscuit), Okky Jelly dan Okky Jelly Drink, and Mountea. The five products are mother brand which has already sub brand with various innovative products. Many awards and market recognition are already attained by products produced by Tudung Group. The awards are among others Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA, 2000-2007), Indonesian Best Brand Award (IBBA, 2004-2008), Superbrands, Top Brand for Kids (TBK, 2003), Top Brand Award (2007-2008), Anugerah Produk Asli Indonesia (APAI, 2007).

Being aware of importance of distribution line strength in market penetration, Tudung Group keeps strengthening its Distribution & Logistic Division, SNS Group. Under distribution management from SNS Group which is now already transformed to be integrated consumer goods distributor, products of Tudung Group are already marketed throughout Indonesia from West to East. Even products of Tudung Group are already marketed overseas, such as Asia; Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, Kamboja, Brunei Darussalam, Singapura, Hongkong, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, South Korea. In Europe, our products are already marketed in German and Netherlands. While in America, our products are already marketed in the United States of America, Canada, Guatemala and Bolivia, Nigeria for Africa, Selandia Baru and Papua Nugini for Australia. In Middle Asia, our products are already marketed to Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, and Uni Arab Emirates.

Tudung Group exerts its best, from now on and in the future to win competition in global era, to keep creating sustainable innovation in all aspects either marketing, research and development, technology, or model business, based on values and philosophies we adopt in Tudung Group. Mastery of information technology is a must to build integrated information system so as to facilitate workers and all stakeholders to access any information they need for smooth business process.

History & Milestones

Mr & Mrs Darmo Putro

• 2008 : Acquired Fuhua, a confectionaries factory in China. And, jointly with Kompas Gramedia developed PT Sarana Inti Boga. This is a starting point of our group member in entering the retail bakery industry.
• 2006 : Incorporated (“Tudung”) as the holding company
• 2005 : Established flavored tea market
• 2005 : Entered into the Snacks (non-peanuts) market
• 2004 : Entered the basic food, confectionery
• 2004 : Established the Garuda Education Centre
• 2002 : Introduced the successful and lucrative jelly drinks
• 2002 : SNS was transformed into an integrated consumer goods distributor
• 1998 : At the height of the Asian Financial Crisis, entered the jelly business
• 1997 : Entered the biscuits business
• 1994 : Established its own distribution network
• 1994 : Entered the coated peanuts
• 1987 : Introduced “Garuda” Roasted peanuts
• 1979 : Entered the roasted peanut business (unbranded)
• 1958 : Began its tapioca flour business under brand Tudung.


Vision 2012

  To be a 10 - 10 Value Creating Company