Noble Works at Tudung

Being a company with character, since our organizational behavior is based on noble value system, is the path that Tudung group chose to ensure sustainable & profitable growth of business. Evaluation and appreciation on employees' performance also cover values, apart of business target performance.

Noble work for people, in Corporate Human Capital Division's management and development policies on human resources, was carried out with a holistic human approach. It is the garden of seed for future leaders. The organization is not merely place to make a living, but - most of all - also a field of devotion and forum for self actualization for competent and faithful professional.

Human capital development program is executed to answer and anticipate business growth, which will keep on growing significantly. A challenging career is reflected on our gradual and continuous leadership programs that were conducted regularly. The organization, which is committed to pay respect to human as a whole, believes that every person has unique talent and a chance to positively actualize it will be a magnificently propel the company.

The combination of competent human aspect, excellent business strategy, and well organized management system is the key for realizing the organization's mission and in achieving vision.